Sale Process

Step 1 – Plan to sell your properties

Make sure with all the other property owners and their family (if needed) about selling your properties.

Step 2 – Gather the information and consult with professionals

Find the property information in your hand, such as title deed, property registry information, building floor plan, land map, and the payment slip of the annual fixed asset tax that has some property information, and talk to real estate agents, and accountants to make sure how much would be the cost and the tax regarding the property sale.

Step 3 – Request real estate appraisal and decide the asking price

Ask the real estate agents for the price assessment of your property, and set the public asking price of your real estate.

Step 4 – Sign the real estate brokerage service with real estate agencies

There are 3 types of real estate brokerage contracts in Japan.
* Non-Exclusive Brokerage Service Agreement
* Exclusive Brokerage Service Agreement
* Privilegedand Exclusive Brokerage Service Agreement
There are pros and cons for each type of contract. Check the details of them at our FAQ or Knowledge section.

Step 5 – Sales and marketing by real estate agents

The information of your property for sale comes out in public. The agents receives enquiries and offers from the potential buyers. If the sale is not going well, the property sale conditions and price adjustments would be necessary.

Step 6 – Receive the offer and negotiate the price and the conditions

Once you receive the offer from the potential buyer(s), you can accept their offer, or respond them with the counter offer, if it does not suit your preferred result.

Step 7 – Sign the contract

After both parties agree the conditions of property purchase and sale deal, the contractual papers will be made by the real estate agencies. Make sure the contents and sign the papers. Usually the non-refundable deposit payment is made at the contract signing.

Step 8 – Settlement and title transfer

Solicitor joins the settlement and the title transfer registration is completed at the same time. The house key is passed to the buyer if the property has the buildings.