Accommodation with dog park space – Mountain views

The accommodation was being operated from 2012 to 2019 as the one with dog park for the staying guests.There are 6 guest rooms connected to the dog park outside from the room.The spring water comes out at the center of dog park area.The view of Furano Ski Resort mountains are available from all the guest […]

Naka Furano – 16,949sqm

The property on the side of Tokachidake mountain has some view of Taisetsuzan mountain ranges.Around 11 min driving to Furano Ski Resort.It is within an accommodation license applicable zoneThere 2 plots separated by the new highway road planned in the middle, though there will be a tunnel between Property typeLand* There are currently an old house […]

Holiday apartments in Kitanomine – 2BD APT x 2 units

AOI was built in 2017 as the holiday apartments.The building has 2 units of 2 bedroom apartments.Each unit has 2 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms, 3 toilets, and a living dining kitchen area. Each unit has the floor area size of 114 sqm.Total floor area size of building is 228 sqm. AOI is located at a […]